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How to extend the life of the boat

We read about nanotechnology every day and hear about new discoveries, but what exactly is nanotechnology? Nanotechnology is the “science of the small” and studies the properties of matter on the nanoscale. A small change in the structure of the material can result in completely new properties.

In the last decade, nanotechnology has experienced a boom and is in everyday use today, although we may not be aware of it. It is applied to clothing for stain protection, protection on goggles, food packaging, medicines in medicine, care creams, techniques and the number of applications is growing every day.

Nanotechnology has also found its way into the nautical world in vessel maintenance, by creating smaller, faster, more efficient, and more intelligent components of new products with improved functionalities.

Kako produljiti vijek plovila

When maintaining the boat, we would pay attention to high-quality protective coatings for paint and gel coats based on polymers and nanotechnology. Continuous research and development in the field of polymers and nanotechnology have resulted in the creation of a reliable system for significantly extending the life of gel coats and varnishes.

Gelcoat and painted surfaces age, decay under UV radiation and become increasingly porous, thus trapping impurities such as oil, soot residue, salt, and dirt.

To protect surfaces from external influences, we apply polymers that contain very strong UV stabilizers that prevent discoloration and help maintain gloss and colorfastness, while reducing the need for surface maintenance.
Another surface treatment is the application of a protective layer in the form of nanotechnology. How does nano protection work? Nano surface protection consists of nanoparticles with components that bind tightly to the surface and give the desired effect. These particles are very intelligently distributed during the application of protection: bound components travel to the surface while unbound, free ones go into the air. Such an “independent” organization creates an ultra-thin glass layer that creates a homogeneous bond with the surface and guarantees exceptional durability. Beneath the nanoparticle layer, the polymer coating maintains colorfastness and gloss, even Gelcoat and aging paints become easy to clean and maintain.
With quality and regular maintenance of your boat, you can avoid the cost of major repairs…
Save time and money by using nanotechnology.